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By: ErnestM, 09.28.2006

Esprit Replacement Rumor I - 2005
The rumors commence. The new Esprit replacement to be built in Malaysia.
Well here we go. Buckle up, because as the time grows closer for us to get a replacement for the Esprit, rumors, facts and supposition will intertwine. The latest information is that Proton (the Malaysian auto manufacturer that owns Lotus) is going to move production of the Esprit replacement from Hethel, England to Malaysia:

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There have already been rumors about the look of the Esprit replacement. Now we are getting rumors about the build site. Only time will tell. If, however, they plan on selling this car beyond Malaysia, they will have to comply with strict US safety standards as well as ever increasing Euro safety standards. Stay tuned for additional gossip as it is gathered. It should be a fun ride.

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